Kindness Rules.


“Kindness isn’t just a convenience thing. It’s an all-time everyday thing.” ~ A friend.

For some of us, the act of kindness is inherently part of our fabric and fiber, woven throughout our DNA and translated through qualities of authentic compassion and empathy. 

Is it possible for authentic kindness to be a learned behavior? 

True kindness, is offered without expectation or assignment, it doesn’t look for public kudos or recognition. It’s authentically for real; it simply presents itself and shows up at the most unexpected times and places.

Put others first.  

The healthiest of relationships stand the test of time by anticipating the needs of others. In Buddhist philosophy the act of kindness is a circle; what you put out in the form of love and kindness finds its way back to you without pretense, preference or expectation.

Kindness can be validating. It shows somebody somewhere actually cares about our physical and emotional health and well-being. It translates as - you are loved and valued. 

Kindness resonates and resides in acts of loving compassion. To be its recipient, you must believe you are wholly deserving of being the beneficiary of its blessing. 

Thoughtfulness without the goal of personal gain or manipulation is a form of kindness, because its purity emanates straight from the heart. 

Kindness and love dance in close quarters in a tender embrace. It’s why we’re here; we are brought here through love.

When kindness exudes, ego must go on holiday – forever. It’s not about I, Me or Mine - It’s Us, We and Ours. When the ego is unharnessed and the ultimate driver, it’s absolutely impossible to give with clear intention.

Always remember that kindness is the exaltation of love + service.

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