Trust + Discernment.


“To be somebody you must last”. ~ Ruth Gordon

Those of us {especially of the female persuasion}, who are champions, emotional fire fighters and strategic life managers, who attempt to single handedly get-it-done and “hang in there” by fixing everything and everyone - I would like to introduce a new word to your repertoire: 


Discernment is a gift that allows for personal liberation and freedom. It’s a means to let ourselves off the hook, when at times we need to take a healthy step back into wait and see mode.

Discernment is not only about what best serves those who we are in service to, it offers us the requirement of creating healthy boundaries for ourselves as service providers. For times we are not prepared to let things fall where they may, are doing too much, in the thick of things or are unwilling to see the forest for the trees, it allows scenarios to organically marinate and crystallize, as-it-should.                 

What it’s not: Walking away or shirking responsibility.             

What it is: A “hall pass” to liberation and healthy balance; a metaphoric “permission slip” that allows for evolutionary discovery. 

 Discernment offers us opportunity to meet our needs and inclinations.

Discernment is the dance of necessity meets spiritual agility and faith; taking a step back without controlling outcome. It is there that we learn how to last.

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