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This is for you: It's about you “being” your most whole...

This week I am continuing our conversation on our energy system, or chakra system.  We’ve already explored our first chakra or root chakra, the foundation for our entire energy field.  In an effort to help you better understand how to delicately balance and manage your life with great ease, please visit my Soul Life Collective + Sacred Offerings page, along with my Coaching page. There, you’ll learn more about the healing and transformative services that I offer.  My wish is that I inspire you to create expansion and life-long manifestation.

Here we go…..

Second Chakra

Color: Bright orange. 

Location: The pelvic region, two inches below the belly button. 

Governs: Reproductive organs, kidneys and adrenal glands. 

Represents: Creativity. Passion, desire, self-expression for life: Through business, work, home, intimate relationships and joy. It’s all about the creation of living an abundant life that inspires and allows you to radiate happiness. 

Function:  To draw up creative energy, passion, desire and joy in support of our energetic system. 

If Imbalanced: Feelings of being creatively stifled, stagnant or numb: An overall lack of happiness and inspiration in life.    

Antidote: Allow for fun, freedom, creative expression and joy. Take art based classes that foster your creative spirit such as writing, dance and music. Reinforce and nurture intimate relationships that you are passionate about.  Live from a place of abundance and self expression in all that you do.

Mantra: Recite + Repeat - (right hand on your low abdomen, left hand on your heart). I am inspired, passionate and full of joy; my relationships, work and life honor and reflect my creative spirit.