one simple act: love.


“Love is the frequency of heaven.” ~ Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim.

aloha: The literal meaning is presence of breath or breath of life.      

More than a greeting, farewell or salutation - it’s about living in harmony through body, mind and soul.

It’s the meeting of mind and heart, honoring the presence of life force. The spirit of aloha permeates all life forms and correlates to all areas of our daily existence. 

According to ancient teachings by kahunas (or priests), it’s a way of holding life with deep reverence.  The act of living aloha is about caring for ourselves first then radiating that light to others. It is indeed the light we come from that requires our engagement.

Consider aloha as a verb.  You do not have to be Hawaiian to express what it is we were simply born to do; to live in service to self as well as mankind.

be a conduit of aloha: live heaven on earth.


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