Chakra 101 + Soul Life Collective


“And all the knowledge is ourselves to know.” ~ Alexander Pope, Essay On Man.

For many of you who are practitioners of or receive forms of energy work, participate in yoga practice, meditation, or prayer, you may already have a working knowledge of the chakras and their influence on our state of wellness. 

Simply Stated: Chakras are receivers and transmitters of energy. 

Our chakra system is meant to keep us in alignment but when imbalanced, albeit emotional discord, unhealed old wounds, or feelings of unworthiness, these “symptoms” inexplicably cause us to languish from living whole, healthy, expansive lives. 

The role of meditation is one tool that is a crucial key to instate a sense of good health and healing while balancing our subtle energies. Another excellent modality and one I provide is Reiki Energy Therapy. The short of it: silence and solitude is necessary to keep us in attunement and help manage fluctuations of our precious spiritual beings. Over the course of the next month or so I will be discussing chakras and integrating meditation for healing and balance. 

As a visual aid, I’ve included the chakra chart below. To some, it may appear overly simplistic from a visual perspective, but as we get into the complex chakra system, we’ll explore the seven core chakras and how they impact us physically and spiritually; how their functionality radiates as a collective.


I’ve also added a page to my site called Soul Life Collective” that you can access via the badge on the right side bar of my website (or here). I invite you to check in periodically for information and upcoming special events that you may find nourishing.  My wish is that this page will offer insight and create awareness, while offering you solutions for healing and wholeness.  By expanding you above and beyond what I share on my weekly blog, my wish is that you have a clear, streamlined understanding of their functionality and how it relates to all realms of your life. 

Let’s begin.

Each chakra governs the physiological and psychological aspects of its placement and is directly correlated to our emotional, physical and spiritual well being. In order to function in synchronicity and flow, each cone shaped chakra must be spinning in a circular, clock-wise fashion. Simply put: when a chakra is deficient it’s, in essence, immobilized. If in excess of energy or overcompensation, it will spin more broadly or even backwards.

First Chakra: “aka” Root Chakra: 

Color: Bright red. 

Location: Base of spine. 

Governs: Tip of your toes to your hips; bones, muscles and tendons, including the colon. 

Represents: Connection to family of origin. Safety and security on a primal level; the basic need of being loved and nurtured. 

Function: To pull up earth energy. 

If Imbalanced: Fear, feelings of not being “rooted”, “tethered” or “grounded”. This chakra is the foundation of our entire energetic system.  

Antidote: Spend time in nature, with family or create, nurture and strengthen familial type friendships. Join a collective that fosters and supports your spiritual growth such as yoga class, a faith based community or a writing group. Spend time journaling and in reflection to help reconcile your past and absorb the root concept that you are a significant being.