Surrender Yourself To Nature ::


Where grounding and certainty is required: go inward to nature.

Turtle Bay North Shore, Oahu

Settling into nature’s lush elements and soul-kissed energy creates a balancing shift and spiritual restructuring on a cellular level.

Air: rejuvenating and energizing.                                                                        

Earth: rooting and grounding.                                        

Water: clarifying, purifying and healing.

Superior wisdom and attunement of the senses; nature’s elemental wisdom invokes spiritual growth and mental clarity. Nature’s ability encourages a state of the art, heart-centered wholeness to simply, be.


I am to simply be.  ~ Tara Correll

I carried my heart to the forest                                         

Submerged in dark soil.                                                              

Worry and doubt burrow to intoxicating earth                      

Sedating me to slumber                                                                   

Enveloped in sweet, peaceful dreams                                                                   

In mind’s eye, serenity lays beside me. 

Mesmerized, weightless                                                                 

Surrender to liquid ocean                                                             

Washed clean and renewed                                                              

Casting my net, cradled by tide pools.                                  

Rolling waves abound                                                             

They chant; “I am life force".