Life Amongst Chaos :: Harnessing Soul Flow


“Wisdom derived through pain is not as much about the experience itself, but rather the capacity in which we allow ourselves to grieve, grow through the event and funnel out the other side untarnished.” ~ Tara

As of late, there are so many feeling lost, uncertain, or alone. We’ve all been there. One thing’s most certain - this all shall pass, it's about finding your way through.

Chaos without clarity allows for no wiggle room or exit strategy. You may not have a friggin’ clue as to where you’ll land, but land you will. Personal evolution is our temporary access point, that window of opportunity for soul flow.

Key words: Surrender : Relinquish : Release : Embrace :  Ascend : Evolve : Faith

  : Think Divine Detachment + Discernment.

Individuate: This is about your life’s lessons. As painful as they are we have the opportunity for expansion – that in itself alone, is a gift.

Compassionate disengagement creates miracles; it ultimately offers us guardianship of our sacred space, the space residing deep within us that is ours alone. There’s an art to creating healthy detachment; it offers us the gift of stepping outside of ourselves, it allows for a non-partisan vantage point. Although life lessons as of late may be muddled in murky, spiritual waters, have faith; the cleansing prepares us for rebirth - the apex of why we’re alive.