the art of unlearning.


There is an upside to the art of unlearning a lifetime of beliefs. 

* Old antiquated ideas gone  

* Tired belief systems clear   

Truth: {Easier said than done} 

The tipping point where the pendulum swings and illuminates what’s not working, forces a metaphoric shedding, if you will. False prophesies fall away, because we’re clear of that which does not serve us. Energetically this act removes the residual sludge that holds you back from living life to its fullest.

A monolithic existence will not stick, because this life was meant to be lived in .

The mechanics of shedding releases imposed ideas, thoughts and concepts that are devoid of meaning and lusterless in value.  

Think Evolution and Soulful Transformation in its highest form:

The Spiritual : Emotional : Intellectual : Physical.

Find your pulse, be your own unsung hero – rewrite your script.

The unlearning, untruths, the concepts that were never created for our supreme self or our greatest good will consciously fall away: With letting go there may be sorrow and a sense of loss; hold on for dear life as this too shall pass. 

Settle into the circle of wholeness.


     Lean into happy endings. 

Reflection: I am and always will be my most whole. I am complete, no matter what. {Read + Repeat}