When you bring “It” to life, bring nothing short of your best.


“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”
– attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder
Hopi Nation

What qualities do you possess that allow you to shine?

Your being is your birthright; you have a backstage pass to excellence and self expression.

The time is now to define “the why” relative to your time here. No time for short cuts… it’s about showing up and bringing your best, it’s about finding flow and kicking ass. This is not my friend, a life to squander.

The promise in stepping out of the confines of “normalcy” and stepping into personal greatness is that life as you know it will never be the same. It’s your moral imperative to fulfill life to its deepest depth and learn self expression in a way that’s most reflective of your soul.  

Exploring the “Best” of Soul-Full living:

* What creates expansion and what causes you to shrink? Meditate on that. It’s all about ditching the shrinkage.

* Get your hustle on, make haste: access excellence through self-healing, self-love and envisioning a soulful existence.

* A call for greatness is a “calling” to define your life’s “anthem”. Create a personal vision/mission statement. Bring it to fruition in all its glory, say it loud and proud!

* Eliminate obligation that lacks clarity, soul + substance. If it doesn’t resonate, it will not marinate. Scrap outdated contracts with yourself that block your success.

* Resolve to solve – Find the answer: Dig, Delve, then Dip - “aka”, leave it + move on.

* We are a continuum of one another. The choices you make impact those around you; so choose your thoughts and goals with great care. 

* What we fail to complete short changes the larger scope of our essence and potentiality. Do what you say you’re going to do, fulfill your commitments - there is a lesson after each and every one of them.

The end result: You’ll bear witness to inherent magnificence in full bloom.

Watch this amazing performance: The Kennedy Center Honors featuring the Wilson sisters and a stage of supporting artists, bringing their best to honor Led Zeppelin.

God shows up in the most unexpected places.....

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