Setting intention through introspection, reflection and clarity.


Now more than ever, it’s the time to mindfully shift into more of who we are; a core consciousness made and created through clear intention. In this immense era of the feminine, it's a time to be attuned and "show up" in this lifetime.  

Taking first steps toward the redefining of the “you” and the “I” at a Soul level is required for actionable evolution. Only through believing in and accepting of who we are first and foremost, will allow for the universal change that’s sorely needed at this moment.

It begins by living a sentient, less insular life that is reflective of our hearts. This will incrementally not only mend, but restore our faith in ourselves and in humanity.

Every so often we get a glimpse at impermanence, a snapshot of what was or will never be. That’s the incomprehensible paradox of life; the breaking down of the old and antiquated, making way for birthing the new. It’s how we become more of ourselves- that profound catalyst, the glue that binds us.

Wishing You Blessings and Love Always. ~ Tara