From this moment forward: Everything is waiting for you.


Love :: Faith :: Miracles

Through life there is belief that when things aren’t going our way, the odds may possibly be stacked against us. In these times, situations may evoke past disappointment from the perspective of lack or want. Like an overflowing chalice sitting idly at the alter; just at the time your decision is to receive, its bone dry.

Those blessed with audacious faith in life have a common vision: self valuation (love), impermeable belief (faith) and perseverance (heart). 

Faith is a sentinel that stands watch and shelters the heart center to keep the belief light burning bright.

Life, like mountains, can be tough as hell to ascend, but once you make it the top it feels like a walk in the park.

A reflection from me to you

The world needs what you have to offer. 

We are all significant; deserving in this lifetime to receive and have love radiate all around us. Believe. Open yourself to possibility, to Spirit. Miracles abound everywhere. They will happen to you, they’re happening right now.