Manifesting your vision: Drawing wisdom through reflection.


A simple exercise of self-exploration.

I’m a big proponent of journaling as a path toward self-visualization + actualization. When your thoughts and ideas are clear, there's a crystallization toward the vision and course that is meant for you.

As you read the following statements and questions, my wish is that you really receive and discern what’s revealed to you. 

Grab a journal or piece of paper, answer these questions as you read along. The questions have an asterisk next to them.

Right now, you are exactly who and where you need to be, you are perfect.

* Write down positive statements that describe what you know to be your most brilliant, inherent gifts. 

Do you know how powerful you are? Really, really think about this concept. 

* What are the gifts that make you feel powerful, allow you to shine and are uniquely yours?

Understand and really believe that you are so much more.

* What aspirations and recurring themes present themselves… what’s on your must do “bucket list”? 

The you that you’re known for is merely a fraction of who you really are. If you truly desire more, there’s abundance waiting for you. Eradicate limiting beliefs, by doing the work required for a whole life of wellness. 

* What old wounds are still present, that have yet to be addressed and may be holding you back? 

There is a synchronistic flow to life; know that what you crave on a soul level is presented in its time. Learn to chart and navigate life, with awareness to what lies on the horizon. 

* Through reflection: the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional – what do you wish to project out into the world? What is your life’s worth?

Learn to live your life from the lens of abundance. Pay reverence to who you are by honoring your existence. Now is the time to draw upon what calls you in a radical, soulful way - a time for reinvention.