Potential meets Desire :: First, start here.


3 Questions To Ask Yourself:

:: How do you want to feel?

:: What do you dream of?

:: Which actionable, incremental steps can be taken right now toward attaining what your heart desires?

If you can successfully answer these three questions, you’re on your way to becoming a magnet for your desire.

To embrace and act upon the potentiality of desire is to fulfill this life’s destiny. Desire is the mechanism and ultimate expression of how you represent yourself and “show up” in this lifetime.

3 Steps To Achieving Your Desire:

:: Practice spiritual activism as a vehicle for faith building, make it part of your daily ritual. Join a community of inspired and supportive individuals that are on a collective journey – this will solidify interconnectedness.

:: Embrace resiliency to push past the “fear factor”.  Fear is the biggest obstacle on our pathway of desire – it is also a man-made trait; understand and know this at a core level.

:: Realize your relevance is part of a much “bigger picture”. By taking action, you'll not only cause a radical shift in your life; but create a positive "ripple effect" in the lives of others. 

Heart : Soul : Courage - Pass it on.