Finding your voice: What we can learn from Joe Biden


Dear President Obama, 

You did it! This race was tight - projected to be a real close one, up until election night. This is important, so please listen carefully: I’m writing to ask that you find your voice; metaphorically speaking that is.  

Personally, I think there’s much you can learn from Vice President Joe Biden. I’m certain there are times he’s opened his mouth and you’ve prayed he’d wind up with a bad case of laryngitis. The fact that he lacks a filter is blatant; but there’s something refreshingly raw and downright adorable about “Amtrak Joe”.... he likes to have fun.

He doesn’t care what you think because he knows who he is and what he stands for, a quality that comes with age and experience.

Like so many Americans who voted for you in your first term…. you had me at “hope” and then at “change”.  I have a request; I would love to hear your true voice. Not the charming guy who can roll out some amazing manifestos of encouragment with a disarming smile or the one who always chooses his words v-e-r-y carefully. I want the guy who broke into impromptu song with Al Green’s “Let’s stay together”.  Bill Clinton wrote the book on it. Did it serve him? Who cares? Live a little - you've got a big job ahead.

Learn to use your uncensored voice that doesn’t stop when you know in your heart that the truth should be declared at any time. Take it from Joe, it can be quite liberating. Say what you mean to say, in a way that serves you.


Four more years, to make the biggest impact no president has ever made at a time when our country needs it most. 

Four more years to inspire generations to come, in a way no president ever has. So go do what you say you’re going to do: go finish what you’ve started.

Mr. President, you’ve got this – please exercise your right to use it. We've got your back..... and so does Joe.