Intentional Offering: The pursuit of giving.


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Giving in its purest form is a gift - there is receiving in giving.

Offering gifts of time, space, knowledge, wisdom, even monetary resources aka: “fat checks” – can be a good thing.

Devotional giving is pure in form; it’s what you believe to be for the highest good.  It’s personal, can be slightly introverted and organic; like an offering in silent meditation, a blessing before a meal or a special gift that represents a sentiment for someone that’s resonant or deeply personal. 

Actionable giving is also good, so long as the gift is offered from a holistic place – void of want, need, accolades or desire. This could be volunteering your time, gifting personal items or monetary donation. 

Giving keeps us spiritually active and keeps the heart pliable, it binds us.

A truism: Sometimes giving is conditional. The idea is to be clear as to why you give what you’re giving and what it is you hope to gain: clarify intention, so it sits right with you.

Give habitually and with heart, with purpose, commitment and presence.

*For as long as I can remember I’ve had amazing luck finding pennies.  Many years ago, I started a personal project that goes like this: when I find a penny, I then make a wish and immediately send it back out into the world for someone else’s good fortune as a devotional offering. Give it a try - The Penny Project.