Apology, transparency + the gift of redemption.


“I’m Sorry”. “Forgive me”. “I apologize”. These are statements of value, their meaning: You are important to me. You are significant.

Just recently, I received an “I’m sorry” note from a young woman I worked closely with a few years back. She had hit a few bumps in her personal life and it inadvertently, spilled over into our professional relationship. The note read, “You were a great friend and mentor, I wasn’t in a healthy place, I didn’t see the big picture, I’m afraid it was lost on me….I apologize.”  I was simultaneously blown away and touched. 

Flawed and at times, imperfect - that’s who we are. At moments like these, transparency is beautifulIt’s the place to go.

Qualified statements that are redemption worthy: I screwed up, acted like an ass, was out of line…I’m sorry.

Forgiveness = It’s forgotten, let’s recalibrate and move forward.

The blessing of redemption comes when you view your cup as overflowing and hold your life and the lives of others in the highest regard - an exchange of ego for transformative grace.  

It spiritually elevates us in a way that shows what matters most is what we put “out there”, in the world.

A simple formula to live by: Apology + Forgiveness = Redemption.