Entrepreneur Life + Mastering Time: A Prelude to Success


Time can be your soul mate or your elusive friend – it’s all about perspective.

The entrepreneur life is not for the faint of heart.  Some days can feel like you’re scraping and crawling to get through. Infuse that with managing life with some semblance of normality: marriage, domestic partnerships, kids, friends, your health…. and so on. 

Managing time is your golden ticket - whether it’s business, your personal life, or both. Its absolutely 100% doable even at times when it feels like the shit is not firing.

My personal credo: Time is on your side when you get clear and are committed to desire, priorities, positive perspective, determination, showing up + pushing through.  

Making time your friend takes careful choreography.

Allow yourself a shift of mindset: Fuse the concept that time wisely chosen is time well spent. 

  • Can you clearly define success on your own terms?
  • What is your motivation? 
  • Understand the “why” i.e.: your goals, your dreams – the stuff you wish for. Know that clarity will lead you to desirable outcomes. 
  • Is procrastination your “go to” place? If so, is fear the driver?
  • Do you participate in activities outside of work that you wholeheartedly enjoy? A quick note; make these a part of your daily calendar – this is the reward for being the C.E.O. of your life and business, it's you who gets to call the shots.

Prioritize your calendar. Let it reflect your personal and business goals – both short term and long term on a daily, weekly + monthly basis. Learn to stay flexible; schedules change, priorities shift - go with the flow.

Here’s a sample schedule of my typical day: 

6:45: wake up – Coffee, read / answer email. Walk Trudy.

7:30: Schedule meetings, send out inquiries via email.

8:00: Write blog, work on coaching ideas.

9:00: Call clients, schedule meetings via phone. Have a mini “think tank” session with a trusted colleague. 

9:15 to 10:00: Hit the gym, or go to yoga (depending on the day).

11:30 to 1:00: Meet with clients.

1:30: Lunch

2:00: Walk Trudy / Fifteen minute meditation.

2:30: Return / Send email correspondence. Make adjustments to weekly / monthly schedule as needed.

3:00: Meet with clients or colleagues

4:30: Return messages as needed. Work on marketing ideas. 

5:00: Write, journal, blog, check email. 

6:00 to 9:00: Dinner / Family + friend time / Walk Trudy.

9:00: Journal and make notes / revise business and coaching ideas.

10:00: Sleep or watch a movie.

* schedule and times are +/-  depending on the day.

There is no magic to this entrepreneurial life.  It takes nothing short of rolling up your sleeves and getting down in the trenches; tenacious ingenuity. The idea is to increase fluidity in your day, allow for flexibility and artful assimilation. This is the key to personal success, the unending balance between work and life.