Designing rituals that celebrate life ::


“Personal fulfillment begins with loving yourself, by aligning with rituals that reflect that”.

Do you take time for restoration in a manner that brings peace and raises spiritual symmetry?

It could include a warm bath, lighting a candle, writing, reading a good book, a long walk or quiet meditation. Moments that beckon for self-reflection, allow for soulful shedding, they are an accompaniment to un-stifled growth. Through self-designed rituals, I’ve experienced epiphanic moments that changed the course of a thought or idea that no longer served me.

Restoration rhythmically raises levels of consciousness making way for embryonic inklings + sparks; the doorway to the center stage of our lives.

What rituals do you prescribe to and what have you let go of? On Facebook or Twitter, answer today’s question by leaving your comments.

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