Seattle Kate Walsh Sightings + Bringing Sexy Back.


Last Monday after leaving physical therapy, I decided to drive through downtown Seattle en route to home for a change of scenery. As I turned onto sixth avenue in front of Nordstrom in the valet lane to my left, I saw a black town car. As I sat at the light, I noticed the valet had one of the most incredibly lit up smiles I’d seen in a very long time. Like a smile you see on Christmas day, when a child takes first glance at what Santa’s left under the tree. 

Looking on with curiosity, directly next to me the door to the sedan opened. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle – it was as if the heavens opened up; out-stepped a statuesque honey blonde wearing a pencil skirt, high heels and a bright sunny yellow short trench coat. Her hair was pulled sleekly back into a high polished ponytail, her skin and make-up were to perfection. She exuded an air of fierce confidence like nobody’s business; she looked fantastic and she knew it. “Holy crap”, I thought to myself, I recognized her…it was Hollywood “A” list actress, Kate Walsh. Her presence was visually poetic; If I wouldn’t have looked like a complete nut job, I would have offered applause + snaps all ‘round. Let me tell you - that is one sexy gal. It actually made me inspired and proud if I may say, to be a woman.

Driving home, my thoughts raced: Why the hell can’t everyone find their sexy? I’ve actually heard people say out loud, “I used to be hot”. My personal opinion: that statement hits a low point, when we put that “out there”. On a soul level, it invariably makes that idea real. We all have our moments when we fall into complacency, but it goes much deeper than that. In my career as a Hair + Make-up artist, I’ve worked with many of the “beautiful people”, but what captured me was her attitude. The saying “attitude is everything”, is an absolute and true statement. That confidence is housed in all of us; we are all capable of that quality of mind.

Ladies, let’s break it down. Sporting bras old enough to exibit in a museum, your still rockin’ the high wasted “mom jeans” that give you mom booty and gee-zuz, wearing yoga pants for day wear when you’ve not been to an actual yoga class or the gym in months, (or at all)? I won’t even venture into hair + make-up territory, accept to say, the 80’s were not your best look and leave it at that. Step away from the time machine, stay focused on this current decade.

Men, what’s up? What’s with the Dockers, acid washed denim shorts and “Members Only” jacket? Since when were Jerry Seinfeld white “sport” shoes with shock resistant comfort soles considered okay? Not your best look hon. The aloha shirt worn by Tom Selleck, while solving crimes in his Ferrari on the Magnum P.I. series? Please, If you’re not Hawaiian, attending a luau or a fictitious person named Tommy Bahama, walk away. A special request: For the love of all that is decent, ditch the team sport shirts as street wear, it’s high time to break free from your fashion funk! 

Once a month, wear a great pair of fitted jeans, a beautiful dress, or a fashionable suit coat. Or try test driving some kick-ass shoes and see how it makes you feel.  Spend a little extra on a great hair cut and a bit more time on your grooming. Under your hood is hotness just waiting to happen. It’s not about vanity - it’s about self honoring, self expression and metaphorically finding your way back to “you”. 

Be the “bomb”, get your swagger on, bring your sexy back – go find it.  More times than not, we get in our own way. There's a fine art to growing into ourselves, a deliciousness that is life.