mindful kindness + artful filtering


There’s an art to mastering thoughtful verbal and non-verbal language with the folks you love, in life + in the workplace. 

Words have the power to galvanize, they can also cause discord.

The spoken and written word, if misdirected can be verbal napalm. Interpersonal and social situations require skill and decorum. When at times, you lack the emotional eloquence required for cohesive interaction (OR) are feeling temporarily off kilter, go incommunicado. Take time out. Aim for a more even keeled, emotional space. 

* Having a bad day? Step away from email: Ego driven electronic sparring that amounts to having the last word not only is a waste of time, but of productivity. When communication is heading south, try a new approach; pick up the phone like a grown up, speak straight and with heart.

* Is it you, or them? Attempt to see situations from all sides, not just from a personal lens. Ask questions, clarify, listen…. go deeper. Scratch below the surface, you’ll uncover more than you assumed to be previously there. 

* There’s No I In Team. What’s your ultimate goal? Misguided intention and emotional bantering are not only energy zappers, but undermine solid communication. Take a breath, stop a beat and choose your words. Focus on the ultimate intention and a desired outcome that will be beneficial to all involved.

* When it comes to words: Filter, focus and condense. This follows the less is more rule. Say more by choosing fewer words. The saying, “the words get in the way”, is true and on point. When you’re getting positive feedback and understanding, stop. Your mission is most likely accomplished. A point well given is a point well taken. No need to beat a dead horse, (in a matter of speaking).

* Words hold power, body language can be just as impactful: What’s your body saying that your mouth isn’t? Keep the balance cohesive and in alignment. Like dancing, don’t go big unless absolutely necessary. Keep it low, keep it tight.

Master your skill set, play to your strengths. If the desire is favorable outcome, accord and unfettered communication, practice makes perfect. Even more importantly, just be kind. Kindness takes you further along in life than you can imagine.