:: simple gratitude ::


 Yesterday morning I woke feeling grateful and appreciative. Grateful not because I was embarking on what I considered in the past to be a perfect day, but a day full of promise. 

The last five weeks life has been vastly different for me due to a serious injury. While I’m not the first person in history to break a limb and I acknowledge this is not a terminal disease; for those of you who know me through work and my active lifestyle understand that this has left me  feeling “shackled”. 

It’s a test of faith, will, surrender = the ultimate resolve. 

Each day that passes I get closer to walking; closer to normalcy, or the "new normal".  These strides, no matter how small, are progress: opportunity for lessons and change that can be for the better.

This my friends is a metaphor for life as we know it, an ultimate quest for peace + ease.

To the people in my life that have cooked, baked for me, brought flowers, vitamins, healthy fruit, have been my legs, walked my dog, made “hang in there” phone calls, sent texts and cards, made me laugh when I felt like crying:

I love you. Thanks for showing up and shouldering me.

For those of you who lend support by reading my blogs and are fans on social media, I promise to continue offering a source of inspiration.

I’m simply grateful + humbled.