Your emotional needs + why it’s all about you.


A wake-up call to the selfless.

Hey Gorgeous. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You know who you are.

You’re the one always “showing up” for everyone else.

Grandma’s not feeling well; it’s you on the scene. Your husband needs to throw a last minute business dinner; you’re there in a flash. The kids are sick, you’re babysitting your friend’s child. You’re the loyal friend, favorite daughter, or the “go to” son….the one who’s needs are pushed to the back burner - your plans without fail, inevitably at times, come to a screeching halt. 

Ringing a bell?

You could be the eldest child, maybe the middle…. perhaps the baby of the family. 

You’ve recently taken stock of those people who constantly access you. Are they giving back? I didn’t think so. Those feelings of resentment have been festering lately.

I’ve got a news flash: Martyrdom….is NOT sexy.  No way, no how.

Here’s a Q: Who's meeting your needs? Who's showing up for you?

Re+think expectation: What is it exactly that you need? Put it into words, state your case.  

The truth is: We give how we wish to get. Once you grasp the concept open and honestly, evaluate where you’re sending energy and not seeing a return. Stow emotional + physical reserve. Reel it in, replenish yourself..... make it work.