Settling Into + Embracing What Is ::


“It is what it is”. Not one of my favorite sayings. A blanket statement people use when they’re fresh out of pearls of wisdom. “It-is-what-it-is”, well no shiznit…genius.

How many times have you heard it or thrown it out, when there’s complete loss for words? It’s a great go to when we’re unable to wrap our mind’s around an experience that’s a complete suckfest, or seemingly insurmountable.  Annoying as all hell, but a true statement.

My “it is what it is” goes like this: July 4th – “Independence” Day: I decide to take a noon (haven’t worked out in a week and I deserve it) run.  Just blocks from my house, running shoe catches an edge of precarious Seattle sidewalk; “pop” goes the knee, down for the count. E.R. diagnosis: tibial fracture, torn meniscus, 10 percent chance of surgery, but advised to opt for the “holistic” healing process… possibly 4 months down time. 

Not the worst that can happen, but still a tough pill to swallow.

If you’re like me, you’re not a spectator who sits idly by on the sidelines; the preference is to participate in humanity. Having to rely on people, responding to your needs is a pride swallowing siege. 

I’m a decider + a doer, a caretaker. That’s who I am. I can do the wife, mother and best friend thing. I’ve never taken my freedom for granted and never have felt quite at ease in personal confinement.

Loss of work, unable to attend The World Domination Event in Portland, more importantly - officiate my friend’s wedding on the Oregon Coast, most likely postponing my 50th birthday celebration in Maui… haven’t quite grasped that and let's not forget -- loss of income.  Rather than crumble, my choice is to repurpose this indefinite hiatus, as a “universal nudge” that’s forced me to move into a new methodology + state of being.

Do adverse experiences bring you closer to enlightenment? {Boy, I sure hope so}.

From where I sit: Couch surfing lends new meaning to exploratory, masonic-mission of physical, emotional and spiritual proportions. 

What's the best way to navigate challenge?

Know it will be as hard as hell, but you will get through it. Live in the moment. Replenish spiritual stamina. Do one thing that you adore, daily. Embrace your fears, but manage them. Run your show, but from a place of gratitude. Get comfortable; ask for what you require. Be gentle with yourself and others.

Simply breathe, one moment to the next. Om. Shanti. Cradle what is.