Seeking Solitude + Slaying Isolation


A Balancing Act.

Powerful words when we’re striving to be all that we can be. In the millennium of social media, reality television, virtual networking and “hyper connectivity,” the realness of what’s real becomes falsely muddled.

In spite of all that we’re conceiving and creating, there’s tendency at our worst, to squander the best of us; this habitual activity can incite loss of physical and emotional traction. I say this after "missing" 10 o'clock yoga, then noon and now I'm re-thinking yoga all together.....

Well, there's always tomorrow.

regaining equilibrium:

: Avoid feelings of spiritual exile by reaching out face to face, in real time, with those people that sustain you. The exchange can be grounding + rooting.

: Strengthen a relationship by calling a friend or family member and spend the time, you may otherwise not have. Renew a sense of belonging + connectivity.

: Stay at home over a weekend; rest, cook meals, read. Forget schedules...experience liberation + sanctity.

: Spend time in solitude conceptualizing life, career or creative pastimes that you can potentially share with trusted friends or colleagues. This deliberate act will lend itself, to a life full of intent and worth: igniting organic creativity.

Being enough is about balance. It’s about being your own vessel, but knowing when to dive right in and swim with the fishes.