obligation vs. self care + not being judge judy ::


the cadence of life:

cadence:  the flow or rhythm of events, especially the pattern in which something is experienced: the frenetic cadence of modern life.

      “Life happens Mom, you are not Judge Judy”, Shane - three years old.

I’ll never forget those words after loading my son in his car seat, his little finger pointed straight at me, his attempt to set me right. His afternoon had consisted of being frenetically dragged around at breakneck speed, while I shopped for my husband’s 40th birthday party: my kid was at a breaking point + not having it.  D-O-N-E!  I laughed so hard. I cried.

     I was feeling overburdened; my self-inflicted obligatory perspective, felt like a weighty anchor.  Rather than being grateful to have such a joyous task or even acknowledging the fact, that I was lucky enough to have a husband to shop for.  I rather reveled in wearing the title of “martyr”.  Impatience that day overshadowed what should’ve been a selfless demonstration of giving for our son.


BECAUSE, I hadn’t actively been exercising any form of self-care + Yup… called out by a three-year-old!

       caring people, why do we deny ourselves the necessity of self-love that we sorely deserve?

One of my favorite quotes ever, by actor Bill Bixby, during his last interview before losing his battle to cancer: “Be good to yourselves, because if you're good to yourself, then you'll be good to everybody else”. 

     Sums it up.  Simple as that, self preservation, no permission necessary… you’ll be the better for it, lots more love to give, more purpose + presence.


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The Scholars at Garfield High School

Shane was a Scholar they’re near + dear to my heart!  


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