the mystery of the sacred feminine: a time to put it all out there.


“We’re not on a journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes.”  ~ Joseph Campbell

For far too long we as women have tried in spite of ourselves, to find a place of inhabitable balance. We’ve teetered between masculine extraversion and then tight-roped our way back to the safe and sacred feminine. It’s time to move boldly forward, to cultivate a deeper relationship within ourselves; to honor our utmost yearnings so that we may be better equipped to create the outward spiral of change that is so dire for our world.  

What will you cultivate?  Will you use your skill set to usher in change?

Are you willing to be a vehicle for change? For many years masculine linear thinking has served us well, but nothing linear lasts forever. At best, it’s afforded us the comforts of modern civilization and at times held us blindly in a perpetual fog.

Healing feminine energy inhabits us all…..even our men have that capacity.

Women have lived in a space of unrealized potential for far too long. What if we consciously realized our capacity for self-love, self-individuation - the personal power derived from relentless self-care?

Having the confidence and belief enough to express our oneness, enables what’s intended for us all.

* What sacred obligation do you have safely tucked away?

* What do you have unwavering faith in?

* What are you quietly devoted to?

“Love activates higher consciousness: something much more expansive to our human existence.”

The sacred feminine inherently wants to be brave, deep and bold. To love ourselves without judgment is to hold ourselves and others with reverence: that is our truest form of expression.

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