A life in communion.


As of late, the intensity of the universe is most definitely loosening things up so that our “trance state” will lift and the residual sludge will clear. What’s so fascinating is that we are all “wired” differently, but tapped into the same power source. I love watching how that’s all expressed so differently in a humanistic way. Some folks are so dialed in with their fingers on the pulse, while others choose to live less consciously - there is no judgment in that, it just is. 

"Choose" is the operative word.

It starts with a mind/heart shift or a shape-shifting to increase fluidity on our quest for balance; surrendering to a place where we lack control and are encouraged to let go of rigidity. What we’ve wished and longed for on an unconscious level for some time is right within reach. This is a time to move courageously forward – a time for fresh starts. No longer does it serve us to rehash the same old stuff. It takes nothing less than making wise, conscious choices and the willingness to be vulnerable.

The time is now: Show up, take center stage of your life; by not doing so there is the potential to become calcified.

Transcendence beyond our day to day responsibilities requires us to reach for the potential of creating and expressing more of our natural gifts; gifts that have the potency and frequency to change humanity and ourselves. 

Knowing your currency is expressed through a blend of congruent thought and action.

Walking into the space of abundance, is not about taking inventory of what we have too much of, nor the lack of what we don’t have; it’s about getting clear about our gifts and what we choose to move forward  with in a heartfelt way. Through bold action and assurance that the heart and mind are in complete and utter alliance, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish or triumph over: N-O-T-H-I-N-G.  Life, Liberation and Individuation - the apex of who we are will activate heaven on earth.

There is no destination on this path other than the path itself. Let this year unfold through organic manifestation – settle into that concept and see what’s presented, what can be birthed without relying on a contingency plan.  

Live in union with your Soul.