Choose a revolutionary life!


“Half my life is an act of revision.” John Irving

When I coach clients and do healing work, admittedly, it can be self-serving. As one person, my goal is to build an army of lightworkers. My wish is to coach individuals who’ll use their gifts for the highest good; by creating positive movement and momentum to expeditiously serve humanity in a way that works on behalf of “the collective.”

So I say: If you feel you’re in a place of flux please know it is temporary. YOU CAN invoke revolutionary change for yourself, but it takes work.

It’s not about reinvention it’s about creating the next act based on what’s worked and where you have the greatest sense of longing. Think reform and revise, rather than altogether ditching concepts that you feel you’ve outgrown. No need to dismantle and start from scratch.  

Transcend by re-visioning your life. At times it’s about baby steps. Make self-care and self-love the first priority on the road to revolution.   

If evolution is a whisper, revolution is a scream.

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