Who is the keeper of your story?


A time for reflection and sharing story.

 “With All Beings And All Things We Shall Be As Relatives”. ~ Sioux Indian

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last posted. In that time, I hope all has been well in your world and that you have a sense of peace and direction.  For me, holiday is a time for personal reflection; a time to journey inward to explore, practice self devotion, review and renew plans by examining what’s worked, what hasn’t - more importantly, delving into how I feel on a radiating soul level. 

This is a fortunate window of time to create luck and expansion on the home and family front; to favorably redirect our future by looking to our roots, examining our clan and fully understanding where and why we belong. This act creates a trickle down effect to all areas of life.

We connect through roots and history.

Keywords: Home, family, heritage, roots, clan, psychological foundations, biological inheritance.

We are the sum total of our ancestors and descendants; how do you want to be remembered - what legacy will you leave behind? When all is said and done, we are only remembered by what we’ve shared and in what way we’ve valuated ourselves and others. The life we exhibit makes way for those yet to come and can model the best of those who came before us.

 “Children yoke parents to the past, present and future”. ~ Japanese proverb.

Share story.

Story impacts our lives in a way that can either bind us or tear us apart. It’s through unearthing and understanding our past, in an effort to initiate healing for the future

Here’s a choice: Choose connection.

Weave your story. The past is the pathway to our future and wisdom is derived from that irrefutable sense of belonging.

You and only you are the keeper of your story.  


A happy, healthy New Year to you on this day and always.

The best is yet to come.