Navigating 2014 + beyond: Time to set your course.


“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” ~ Nelson Mandela.

All Soul’s On Deck: Creating a better world and an army of amazing humans through spiritual and social artistry.

This time is about mastering collective energy as a driving force - not the I, me, or mine. A time for sensibility, cooperation and waiting for the team to catch up and walk alongside you. Embrace this opportunity and devote yourself to a sense of belonging to the bigger picture, being of  service – to yourself and to those around you. The act will help fulfill your destiny, while you witness others do the same.

Clearly articulate and focus on what it is that you desire in a heart centered way so you will activate your dreams and goals. It’s completely about how you wish to feel and self actualization. Once and for all be relentlessly unwavering. Be clear of what you want for yourself and the rewards will be attainable.

Share your vision for yourself, by setting intention and asking for support. Learn to work in cooperation with this energy. If it starts feeling uncomfortable yet exciting, that is a clear indicator you are on the path to your destiny and should keep moving forward.

Who knows where this path will take us? That’s what’s so incredible about manifestation; many times the rewards are beyond expectation or our wildest dreams.

Eliminate what’s no longer needed - what no longer serves. Shed the stuff that weighs you down, shortens your breath or feels metaphorically like sinking in quick sand. The act of spiritual detox creates space for the new and allows room for what you wish to invite.

Evoke your incandescence: Show yourself to the world, be fully present and live in every given moment. This is about mastery in its fullest expression.

Check out this exhibit at the Pacific Science Center until Jan. 5th - RACE: Are We So Different?   It was designed to help us better understand what race is and more importantly, what it's not. This educational installation covers the everyday experience, the history and the challenges of race.

If you missed my appearance on the Susan Harmon Hour, you can listen by clicking the player below.