may your dreams burn bright.


A month of celebration: A season to go inward.

It’s that time of year when we’re engaged in celebration.  Parties and festivities that draw us out of our natural hibernation….. and at times into physical exhaustion!

This holiday season offer yourself the "magical pill" called meditation. Go inward; take time out – just 10 minutes a day to set intention, to increase self-care, actualize abundance and visualize a glowing future!

Now is the time, to take a step back for self-reflection. Nourish and nurture your spirit. Prepare yourself for releasing the old and embracing opportunity for re-birth.        

Create room for all-inclusive expansion.

Reflect upon the beauty that your dreams hold and the spiritual muscle that got you here.  

Believe in your magic… I Do!

Here is an article I love on meditation.

More information here for my guest appearance on the Susan Harmon Hour 12/6 and Workshop at Yogalife 12/7!