reconciling our quest for perfection.


“The very thought of perfection is stifling and impractical. If unmanaged it holds us hostage, keeping us from fulfilling our ultimate dreams”. ~Tara Correll

Perfect:  Conforming. Absolutely the description or definition of an ideal.  Excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement. Entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.  Accurate, exact or correct in every detail.  

It's simple. Perfection = Boring.

There’s joy in organic creation, it’s the soul rendering its fullest expression.

Perfectionism can be debilitating because it lacks the component of soul and true intent.  The word quietly evokes thoughts of, “it may not be good enough (or) what if this or I am not well received by others”.  Truth is - there is that chance; we work so hard seeking approval by attempting to meld into the status quo or from the fear to individualize.

The true answer lies in, “what is the purpose of my motivation, or “the why” of it.” As in: why should you care what people think? That question alone unearths truths.

Note to readers - This is about evaluating perspective in support of what you desire and how you express it – there’s far too much talent that goes unrealized in the name of perfection. It all goes back to our fear of failure.

We all exist from our own unique place of perspective. Define yourself by your vision, not your environment.

Reflection: Who sets the bar? If we are working at our optimum level and to the best of our ability, is that not personal mastery?

Embrace mastery: if you’re giving your all to a project, task, or your art, settle into its completion – release and let go.  Could it have been better? In some way perhaps, there’s always room for improvement or modification.

“Your life is your art. The fact that you’re living, breathing and have the opportunity to thrive is testament to that, don’t wait to unveil your creation – whatever it is. We are all evolutionary works in progress”.

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