There’s a fine art to stealing.


“Art is theft.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Introducing my new favorite read:                                                       


In this thoughtful + humorous book, Austin explores the questions:

* Do you view the world through the lens of an artist?                                  

* Do you know how to unlock creativity?                                                       

* Is imitation flattery? 

Emulation vs. Imitation and the theory of “fake it till you make it”.  

My story: Many years ago before speaking at a large corporate event, I experience unprecedented fear. On one particular day it was announced that there would be nearly one thousand attendees, I nearly lost it. A strategy that helped me push through was pretending to be Oprah. Of course I don’t look, sound, nor was I trying actually channel Oprah, it was more summoning her presence and courage. This act allowed me to achieve my personal best through the art of authentic recreation, enabling me to tackle an unimaginable task.

Emulation is not necessarily “ripping off” an original. You have your own voice, thoughts and perspective. You can slice, dice and add your special sauce to whatever already exists; it just has to reflect your personal expression and true voice – it’s walking that fine line. 

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” ~ Steve Jobs

Austin introduces other topics that bring this concept full circle such as:

* Why side projects and hobbies are important.                                             

* Write the book you want to read.                                                                 

* Why being boring is useful.                                                                          

* Don’t wait till you know who you are to get started.

Read this book. I promise it will change how you preconceive and approach your life – that in itself is artistry.