3 things worth fighting for.


“If you just get out of your own way… It is amazing what will come to you.” – Laird Hamilton

Lesson 1:

Have the desire to be great: “Greatness always comes at a cost, but with rewards.” If it resonates lean in, plan ahead.  Be prepared and ready to receive what comes in the name of greatness. 

Lesson 2:

Live life with heart: “Have the heart of a lion." Courage is not for wimps, it’s not for pros, it’s for warriors who desire and envision more for their lives. If it resonates in your heart, be passionately relentless. Design a clear vision and mission…go for it!

Lesson 3:

Commit to not always playing it safe: “Stay limber in life." Have the desire to expand beyond your normal. Start by asking “what do I stand for?” How will this make a difference for myself and the collective? 

Final thoughts: Sometimes life can use a little tweaking.                    

Tweak your heart + your intellect. 

Never stop fighting to thrive.

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