sacred ambition + why perfection is highly overrated


planning, plotting and the repetition of our daily lives - executing to do’s, managing time, organizing, multi-tasking to precision… Perfection = Soul Suck x2

ahhh perfection… however subjective :: it can be mind numbing.

ideas killed, imagination is shelved, dreams are round filed:  road block to creativity, stops you dead in your tracks.

           Sacred Ambition is lost. 

           Sacred Ambition :: our inherent blueprint, our north star, innate gifts to the world, that driving force.

the stuff that moves mountains:  makes us unstoppable, unimaginably unforgettable, liberates, inspires and changes lives.

got a dream?


Find your voice + your purpose, build your platform, take a stand

       Last Saturday, I received a generous gift from a reader who I’ve never met.  She shared with me a story about her son.  Turns out my Sacred Ambition; aka: was worth taking the leap away from perfectionism + having the chops to do this.

Please Read What Follows... This is for you Barbara.  I hope this, in some small way honors your son and brings you the peace you deserve. 

      I just ordered 5 tee shirts a few days ago because I was so connected to and touched by your personal story. My son, who is black, was home for a visit several years ago - on leave while serving in the US Army in Germany. He went down to the local 7-11 and purchased a pack of cigarettes, which he paid for with a fifty-dollar bill. The clerk engaged him in small talk for a few minutes and as he left the store, he was surrounded by police cars. Officers jumped out of the cars, guns drawn and told him to spread eagle on the police car while they searched him. Did I mention that one officer held a gun to his head the entire time? After they "cleared" him of any wrongdoing, the only explanation he got for almost being executed was that he "resembled" a description of a person who was a robbery suspect and had paid for his cigarettes with a large bill. No apology. Nothing. Our son left the scene forever changed. He chose to stay - to live and work - in Germany where he has never once been subjected to the type of racial profiling that came close to costing him his freedom or his life, had he not complied immediately with the officers' demands. His visit home was overshadowed by this incident, which fostered so much family anger and grief. While we are fortunate that our son's decision not to come home to live after his discharge from the army has created opportunities for our family to experience a part of the world and a culture that we may not have otherwise known, it has always saddened me from that day to this - that we could think of no effective way to voice our feelings of outrage about what happened to him that day. It saddens me that my son lives abroad because he feels like an alien in his own country. This gives us an opportunity to raise awareness. I know I will wear my shirt proudly and with so much feeling. Thank you for finding a way to turn your own terrible experience into something pro-active. I wish I could have done something like that. But I will do it now. Our family will wear our shirts and advocate in that way - and through any discussion that comes as a result for a more humane and peaceful, kind and loving world. I just wanted you to know how much your story touched me and how close I feel to your mission.

Sincerely, Barbara

                 find your SACRED AMBITION,

                 grandiose or just a blip, YOU are a CONDUIT, make a DIFFERENCE!

Much Love, Tara