We want to hear about your brilliance.


“Behold the beauty of the lotus jewel flower within - behold the beauty of life.”

Getting “right” with our gifts is a true way of honoring ourselves. Being fully present and in union with self is a form of personal devotion.

Our gifts brought to this life offer us license to shine, developing oneself from the ground up sets that stage. The act of “dimming down” to accommodate those around us and their feelings of inadequacy is not only doing a disservice to ourselves, but to them.

This life is not ours to squander.  

With your life, all things are possible. Take a moment to reflect on these questions: 


* What makes you brilliant?

* What differentiates you from the crowd? 

* What do you desire most in terms of personal fulfillment and happiness? 

* How will your desire benefit not only yourself, but others?

* Describe how accomplishing your desire(s) will allow you to feel? 

* How can you repurpose your fear, and make it work for you? 

* Identify past fear or feelings of inadequacy that have stopped you in your tracks and “muscle” through them: make special note of your experience and how it feels to be on the other side.   



Are you ready to take center stage in your life?