The power of prayer + meditation ::


Accessing what’s available to you 24/7.

At what frequency do we rely on the power of prayer and meditation? Do we have to suffer through tragedy or circumstance that brings us to our knees to better understand the connection readily available to us? 

Often times, we shoulder everyone else’s stuff and make it our own. So much so, we let down the emotional armor needed to protect ourselves. Discourse impedes our body's delicate physical and emotional balance keeping us from living more harmoniously. 

We have direct access to the Divine, Spirit, Source; if prayer is talking to God, then meditation is listening to God.

How connected are you?

If we adopt prayer and meditation as our daily practice, then peace and fulfillment become as second nature as breathing.  Imagine what we’d gain with access to it.  Inspiration would flood in, joy would be limitless. Life would be a much more peaceful and fulfilled existence, with so much more to offer ourselves and others.

Ask yourself in reflection:

* What can I let go of that is obstructing me from clarity and peace?

* Where can I go to recharge, be in communion with stillness and receive divine wisdom?

* Who do I surround myself with, that enables me to be my most centered?

By adopting small but measurable changes, you’ll reinforce that which has always been available to you. Below here are two resources that are powerful and can send you on your path.

Take the FREE 21 day meditation challenge hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey begining August 5th


Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsch.