aka: follow your heart + it will all fall into place

Leap: a sudden or abrupt transition.   Faith: a belief that is not based on proof.       

I have entitled this post A LEAP OF FAITH, because neither definitions apply to me and what I'm about to share with you. How that statement does apply, is that most people reading this who don’t know me would think that this indeed is “a leap of faith” and perhaps those who do know me would agree. However, I’ve been known to take the road less traveled...

I have spent my life + purpose attempting to find meaning and make sense of and in a sometimes, life really sucks and isn’t fair kinda place. However, being the girl with the “glass half full” that I am, I have been fortunate to have found extreme joy in this oh-so-crazy world. I must admit at times, it’s certainly a mystery that half of us aren’t walking around bat shit crazy, with what life throws our way...well, maybe we are and we don’t know it...ignorance can sometimes be bliss. But I’ll only speak for myself and in spite of all that, I know I am very blessed and perspective is key to sanity.

Friends understand the why-it-is I am about to embark on my new journey; something I am absolutely, without a doubt, 100% sure I was put here to do it kind of experience. After all, it’s been my mission and the universe does not disappoint. It definitely offers up some good material. If you are awake in your life and living consciously, it’s all there, whether we choose to pay attention, or not.  Quite frankly, it’s easier not to. It is the fear that stops 99% of us from pursuing what we’re really put here on earth to do so…

I’ve launched : See No Color.

Social Activism meets Empowerment CoachingIt’s about transforming ourselves, through self empowerment, education, the arts + self acceptance so the world will see us differently.  It’s about Race + Heritage - a core and crucial component of the business. It's about time!

Mission: Our goal is to inspire, motivate and transform antiquated beliefs in regard to race and heritage that confine our world.

So you see, it’s been neither a leap or blind faith, but rather, CONSCIOUS FAITH + a lifetime in the making!