My Story + See No Color

Who Am I?

I'm a mother, a product of multi-culture + mixed race. German, Irish, Welsh and South Dakota Sioux on my Dad's side. Hawaiian, German and English on my Mom's. My race and heritage is a source of pride that's offered me a strong foundation and sense of belonging. I'm an individualist, activist, a yogi and healer

What I've Done

Throughout a career of working for + with Fortune 500 companies, training sales teams, building strategic marketing plans and over 25 years as an Entrepreneur with few exceptions, I've done and seen it all. I've loved jobs, soul searched, changed careers, found new inspiration, created successful business opportunities and worked with non-profits. Through making an impact, being on point, taking healthy risks and at times... bombing big time, I've pushed my personal envelope.

This is what I'm crystal clear about:

I'm clear that being an entrepreneur, intuitive coach, healer and activist works for me; it's who I am and how I choose to show up in the world. I'm energized and excited about the idea of creating something organically from the ground up that’s unique, fresh, reflects me at my very core and allows me to serve humanity.

I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT : Courageous people, being inspired, personal empowerment, social justice, faith, out-of-the-box thinking, feminine power, youth, non-discrimination, love…. which is why I’ve launched Tara Correll Empowerment Coaching + See No Color!

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                 What I Stand For.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   _-      

"Each person must live as a model for others". ~ Rosa Parks


See No Color is focused and committed to social + spiritual activism and calling awareness to the practice of non-judgment in regard to race, mixed race + the multi-cultural experience.


Empowerment through the arts, education, self acceptance and respect for others. Our goal is to inspire, motivate and transform antiquated beliefs in regard to race + heritage that confine our world.

core statements:

See Pride - dignity, self respect, self esteem.

See Brilliance - excellence, distinction, talent + mental ability.

See Strength - vigor, mental + moral power, courage.

See Inspiration - divinity, act of inspiring, state of being inspired.


One hour. One day. One year.

you can make a difference, give the gift of time.



One of my favorite social justice blogs :: ColorLines - great article on basketball in Native American communities.


Black History:

John Hanson - 1st president of the United States from 1781-1782. Read more about The Seven Black Presidents Before Barack Obama.



Cultures Connecting provides culturally relevent professional development, keynotes and consulting services committed to excellence through equity and social justice. They provide workshops that support both youth and adult participants. Check out the workshops they offer here.


Pathfinder Writing and Career Services: Boutique résumé writing firm specializing in mid to senior/C level professionals.

Dawn Rasmussen :: (503)539-3954 ::                                                 

Rhoda Berlin, MS, LMFT: Multicultural therapist, consultant, speaker. 

Harriet Cannon, MA, LMFT, LMHC: Multicultural coach, consultant, speaker + writer. 


Ancestry by DNA: If you're interested in learning more about your heritage, we recommend this site.


Community + Partners:

Interested in becoming a See No Color community partner? Planning a school or civic event?

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