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“Opt In” on Life :: Never too late, the journey begins.


Today in practice, my yoga instructor Natalia Rudovsky, sweetly “invited” us to choose an inversion. “Headstand,” she said, “inverts your prospective.” She’s right.  If you’ve never inverted, my experience is that it can be cathartically, life altering. It may be just the thing, couldn’t hurt… just sayin’. *please attempt this with the guidance of a trained instructor: Like Natalia.

-That said.

I’ve noticed as time passes more and more, I’m puzzled + question.

What’s THIS life all about:  Birth. School. Work. Death?

That’s it. That’s all?

 No thanks, not for me. Does that work for you?

:: Opt In on life, in your own way.

No more coasting, half way or back seat.

Drop kick the “Have To’s” and embrace the “Want To’s.”

Life’s too short.

Invert your sense of longing, to a commitment of knowing.

Honor YOU, meet YOUR needs.

Take a hall pass, time out: define IT.

Is(are) your need(s) being met? Do you need less or more?

Delineate: let go, clear space, allow room for MORE GOODNESS.

Forge ahead: Giddy- UP!

When life presents itselfor even if it doesn’t.

 “Let You Happen.” join me, Opt In.


:: the art of life’s experiential learning: 15 tips for creating success + leadership ::


“Your experience need not be first hand, to glean monumental inroads to learning, success and leadership. It’s about taking mental notes, fierce planning, loss of fear and simply executing.” – Tara Correll

tips for success: the tried +  the true… In no particular order.

Proximity = speed:  Seek out life mentors and draw from their wisdom.  Study the habits that have led them to success: how do they do what they do? What makes what they do so seemingly effortless?  Ultimately, with the right tools, hard work + habits, you will achieve your goals more expeditiously.

Model who you admire: There are great people in the world that possess positive qualities or habits you may lack: study, exemplify and embody those that feel authentic and work for you.

Charisma is an inherent quality that leaders are born with:  Sorry, it’s not a skill that’s learned. Without naming names (His Holiness, the 14th Dahli Lama) charisma is an inherent gift. Those magnetic individuals who embody this quality attract followers and fans. You charismatic people know who you are, so please use responsibly.

Who’s on your board?: Your posse, your tribe, “your people”, identify exactly who they are. They are the trusted folks you defer to + surround yourself with. They will lovingly give you the real scoop, the skinny + the what’s what, but only if you ask. Side note  :: They MAY NOT be your close friends or family.

With every challenge, there’s a solution: Feeling a bit “stuck”?  Reach out to individuals who are getting things done, ask questions. BUT, know their time is valuable; offer to pay them a consultation fee, take them to coffee or lunch in exchange for their valuable expertise.

Be a student of life:  Life is a classroom. There are opportunities for learning everywhere, everyday: be open to and conscious of what life presents. This includes personal adversity with people and situations. See it as gift from the universe created especially for your growth.  Decipher + extract what’s to be learned, apply it and let it go. If it doesn’t make sense, it will later. Promise.

Practice proactive listening:  As individuals we have lessons to learn and skills to acquire.  I’m a huge fan of the “shut up, listen and learn” approach.  Take notes, enough said. BTW: I am still working on this one.

Get clear about personal goals:  Be realistic about what you set out to do, define expected outcome. Be systematic and clear about each action you take. Break tasks into small “doable” parts, stay on task.

Define what success means to you:  How do you measure personal success?  Are you money motivated?  Love worthwhile causes? Require quality personal time?  Get straight on your priorities.  Define + create measureable benchmarks so you have a continual, quantifiable sense of accomplishment, whatever it may be.

Let go of tired inner + outer dialogue: Words + thoughts hold power. Let go of negativity and criticism toward others and self loathing toward yourself.  Know that this behavior can create barriers to your ultimate success. Instead, practice using language that’s positive and nurturing. Who wants to be around someone who sucks the life out a room?  Tip :: Take an inventory of the people in your life, positive people foster a healthy environment.

Don’t kick the tires in the name of perfection: Opportunity can be fleeting, better to have leaped and held on for dear life, than risk a missed opportunity. Please, when passionately pursuing your dream, go for it!  If it’s meant to be, it will all play out favorably, it’s all a part of the learning curve. Believe me, I know firsthand.

Listen to your inner voice: Aka “your gut instinct”. It’s there for a reason: so listen + take heed. It’ll save you time and keep you from taking an unfavorable detour.

Stay focused, stay flexible:  Progress is not always sequential, learn to be flexible and reprioritize if you hit a roadblock. Accept that as much as we wish to push forward, sometimes now is not the time.

Lead with your authentic voice, true intention + be clear about your motivation:  If intention is King, then motivation is Queen. The universal law of attraction rewards authentic thought and action ie; if you’re doing what you are truly meant to do, in the manner you’re meant to do it, they’ll be lots more success + rewards coming your way.

Be a champion for others:  Successful people give back: help without hesitation. Money, time, knowledge – offer up your talent + resources, help others better themselves.

For one-on-one coaching +  workshops, please visit my coaching page: start here.

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getting clear :: letting go + moving forward: a poem of the possible


what if?

you were able + capable  

simply releasing

“stuff” that was of no consequence

held no use, was void of value

items that contained no relevance or connection

to your inherent, unrealized, blueprint

volumes of baggage that impeded + depleted your perseverance

emotionally blindsiding, sideswiping, or paralyzing you

fear of the unknown + unexpected

surrendering + exhausting your power

exchange it for letting go + clearing space

your passion, your destiny, potential for possibility, the limitless + the what if.


Take The Leap: Empowerment Coaching with Me, click Here for details.

TEL: 206-851-9627 for a complimentary consultation.

Your possibilities are endless.



:: reinventing you. it’s not “the how” or “the what”, it’s "the why" ::


What are you passionate about?

For many of us, it’s our kids and our families. For the lucky few, our careers.

Why do you do what you do?

The notion may seem elusive + downright frightening. Perhaps you’re not quite in the space of knowing exactly where you think you should be, or for that matter, want to be. The not knowing, can be a hard pill to swallow.

Why do we do the “things” we do?  responsibility : habit : familiarity : comfort?  Of course, who doesn’t?… you're human.                                                                                                                   

Step into the golden circle.

If you were to venture to a new career, hobby or simply explore new avenues of fulfillment + purpose moving you into the unknown and unexpected, where would you start?

What is your why?

Watch the video below by Simon Sinek. He’s a smart guy that’s got this dialed down to a science.

It’s never too late… find Your Why.

food for thought :: an F.Y.I. + cyber wednesday! ::


it’s the holiday season, a time to reflect…

My thoughts go to my brother who's served almost 20 years of a 66 year sentence, for a crime he DID NOT commit. My thoughts go to my parents who were just about my age when he was prosecuted + sentenced.

I am reflecting on the men + women: young and old that are incarcerated in the United States.

Those that MAY HAVE screwed up, possibly were wrongfully accused, could not afford decent legal council or worse, did not have the familial support, the education or the where-with-all to dream bigger than themselves. To those who have no chance of rehabilitation, because as a rule + with very few exceptions, our criminal justice system does not support rehabilitation. “They” are on my mind.

+ yes, for sake of argument, there are “those” who truly belong “there”.

Let’s face it, the topic is not sexy.

fact: Our criminal and juvenile justice system is skewed toward the incarceration of black and brown men + women.

fact: Our judicial system disproportionately locks up the poor + disenfranchised, leaving them inevitably  “stuck” in the system.

fact: Our criminal “justice system” has been known to give increasingly longer sentences for misdemeanor drug charges to people of color ie: “minorities” + first time offenders. Marketing “the war on drugs”, by one of our favorite presidents did not help this demographic.

fact: The United States represents 5% of the world’s population, but houses the highest number of prisoners globally.

fact: While nationwide crime has declined, prisoner numbers are up.

fact: This year alone, national state prison growth, will cost in the neighborhood of $75 billion.

fact: Our criminal justice system has not been under review since President Johnson was in office.


YOU are a Tax Payer. It costs just over $50K a year to “house” one prisoner…  


Know that our system is antiquated. The National Criminal Justice Commission: S.306 proposes to conduct an 18 month top-to-bottom review of the criminal justice system. It was recently referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee for review. By contacting your state Senators and encouraging their support, we can make this happen. Believe me, making this happen will NOT be easy. This is OUR time of change.

Gifts that keep on giving :: Just in time for the holidays :

The New Jim Crow :: A GREAT READ by Dr. Michelle Alexander.  If you know nothing about the criminal judicial system, this will give you the working knowledge that will amaze all your friends!

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With Gratitude,



favorite people you should know :: v.1



Chenoa Egawa:  Ceremonial healer, Native American activist + performing artist. Chenoa has worked tirelessly to educate, improve race equity + bridge understanding through the preservation of cultural traditions, languages and environmental awareness on behalf indigenous peoples. www.swanclan.com.


John Burgess: principle + Mark Lee: designer: Incite Partners. This razor sharp, visionary team will build your brand from the inside out: capturing + expressing the essence of who you are and what you do. www.incitepartners.com. Special thanks to Simon Bond, formerly of Incite Partners.


Harriet Cannon M.S., LMFT: Therapist + Consultant. Harriet’s focus, expertise + passion for mixed race, multi-cultural + immigrant studies is evident through her on-going educational research. www.harrietcannon.com.

Rhoda Berlin M.S., LMFT: Therapist + Educator. A portion of Rhoda’s goal-directed offering focuses on cross cultural + ethnic-minority issues.  Her competence and research in multi-cultural + immigrant mental health education keeps her practice relevant. Click here to learn more about Rhoda.

The Scholars at Garfield High School: 2011/2012 – 109 Scholars, need 100% of your generous support. Since 2006, this program has been successful in changing the racial predictability of achievement at Garfield. View more here.


Cathleen Murakami: U.S. Pilates pioneer since 1991: Accomplished fitness expert + educator. Cathleen has been sought after to develop fitness programs at some of the world’s most prestigious health clubs. Her innovative offering is cutting edge + results driven. www.synergypilates.com.

Dr. Amy Fasig, N.D.: This naturopathic physician + pro-active clinical health expert is thorough, upbeat and resourceful.  Dr. Fasig will change your interpretation of alternative medicine + you’ll leave knowing you were in good hands.  www.queenannenaturalmedicine.com

Kacy Duke:  This inspiring fitness expert, co-founder of the Equinox Gym + “Show It Love” Guru, believes fitness must be achieved on three levels: the emotional, the spiritual + the physical.  A chance meeting with Kacy changed my life.  www.kacydukefitness.com.

Lucy Pond: Gifted astrologer, writer + artist. Lucy is known for her grounded wisdom + thoughtful insights; her work is collaborative and transformative.  www.lucypond.com.


coming soon!


Jim Lee:  Left brain meets right brain creativity @ www.jamostudio.com. Jim has whipped up all my slick web sites with patience and ease. Detailed, creative collaborator and all around great guy!

Vernetta Freeney:  A dynamic, twenty-something inspirational blogger + teacher who is using her voice by creating an on-line community to encourage + motivate women to be the gamechangers of their lives. www.womenaregamechangers.com.                     


shining your light + not playing small :: what mark will you leave on the world?


How will I be remembered?

It’s a question I’ve pondered many times this year and analyzed, when a close friend died tragically over a decade ago. About a month prior to her death, we were on the phone, at the time she was working through “stuff”, I listened. I had no idea it was the last time we’d ever speak again.  Before saying goodbye, I’ll never forget Dana’s last three words of gratitude for our friendship were, “you inspire me”. That was it. About a month later, I got the devastating news.

This year was tough, the sudden loss of my Grandmother in March- she was “my moon + my stars”, nearly losing our son three days before his high school graduation, due to a freak accident - a clip to the side, while playing flag football, then death of my Aunt in July. I made the decision to take time to go inward… to catch my breath. With memorial services, a family reunion and Shane leaving for college in just over a month, this was the perfect time to self- reflect, re-frame my life and take stock of priorities.

See No Color and my coaching practice, was close to launch, I had worked tirelessly preparing, but was this the right thing, at the right time?

Many of my friends, family and acquaintances had lived through similar circumstances over the last two years.  I wasn’t alone in the myriad of experiences and obstacles that challenge our faith: divorce, finances, jobs, illness, death, or simply just feeling “stuck”.  I accepted quiet solitude and the knowing that I could access family and the dearest of friends, by simply “being” with people and basking in their presence. Life seemed to just “show up” for me in the most unexpected ways, offering renewed confidence, in the life I’d created and a sense of belonging. The idea that adverse circumstances and situations often times are the impetus of reframing our existence is a powerful one.

     During times of personal crisis, it begs the question…

What innate gifts do I possess? How plentiful are my emotional reserves, will I be remembered, am I significant?  When you are conscious in this life, are aware that there is no time to waste, are willing and ready to receive by bravely letting go of fear + realizing your inherent gifts: LIFE PRESENTS ITSELF. 

        Shine on baby.

A quote from author and minister Marianne Williamson, from A Return To Love.  Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world .  There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

        And speaking of brilliant, talented + fabulous, WE HAVE WINNERS!

   The See No Color Volunteer + Serve Youth Contest winners! And they are…

Nel Lee :: Honolulu, HI.  Educator. Teaches with love + compassion, goes above and beyond serving the lives of her students while supporting their parents and her community in and outside the classroom.

Robin Fleming :: Seattle, WA.  Public High School R.N. with a Ph.D in Educational Leadership and Contract Studies.  Powerhouse advocate - supports youth healthcare for all children, including immigrant populations.  Her studies and platform emphasize the relationship and importance of proper healthcare through education. Philosophy; one does not exist without the other. Volunteer:  Martinez Foundation, Seattle.

Karin Saldana :: Portside, NJ.  Zen organizer extraordinaire, she kicked my workspace into shape, in the gentlest of ways.  Volunteer: Hoboken Shelter, New Jersey.

Dane Correll :: Seattle, WA.  Sr. Accounts Biotech Manager.  University of Vermont Alumni. Dynamic leader, advocate and supporter of education.  Volunteer:  UVM, ALANA Panel. He discussed his post college career path and the role of diversity + empowerment in the work place with current students and future business leaders.

the entrepreneur’s “I AM” statement + creating authentic expression through intention


Several years ago I was feeling stuck, ever slightly robotic- left brain wreaks havoc on right brain, both brains on temporary “lock down.”

The familiar and tried + true were a best friend; comfortable and reliable, never steering you wrong and always applauding. With all my accomplishments, I knew how to master my “safety zone”, never pushing myself outside the lines.

I realized that I was losing a part of myself, the person I was before life got in the way; humor flatlined, taking parenting too seriously + living for work: uber career people – you know what I say to be true. I take full ownership: nobody knows what you need unless you state your case.

The “Old Tara” knew how to sew? 

 After much introspection, I made a choice to take healthy risks, to do things that scared me (in a good way), that I MAY EVEN SUCK AT.  What a concept… yet cathartic.

     We’re talking spoken word classes, poetry writing, photography, salsa, hula and hip hop dance, art classes, social media tutorials, girl empowerment + spiritual workshops, Life Coach Certification, creating feel good classes for women in transition, attending multi-culture, immigrant and diversity continuing education classes + Braddah Pat’s Ukulele Lessons at Ballard NW Senior Center, every third Sunday, $5.00.

      News Flash: YOU CAN rediscover your authentic self; your expressive self.  First, you must actively and intentionally do the “I AM” work, expressed in your own way Reflection:  who am I, what do I wish to become?  It may inevitably lead you to unfamiliar ground and at times, create self doubt + discomfort.  So what’s the point?     

      Case in point: It opens up channels that you may have not experienced since childhood = SURRENDER + JOY.  It may ignite entrepreneurial and career opportunity, or simply raise your bar of confidence + self worth.  Bonus; you meet inspired, supportive people on the same, conscious journey:  Like attracts like.

This month I had the honor of attending a lecture by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  At closing, he offered what I’ll call, “a gift with purchase”.  The “I Am meditation”, there were five, here are two taken from my notes.

       Imagination - Ignore evidence, walk down a different street/path. Turn left when others are turning right. Change the concept of yourself.

       Assume the feeling of a wish fulfilled – Your wish must be expressed: feel it, believe it, you will attract it.

now:  Write down your 5 “I AM’s”.  Do so with love + conscious care. Believe it, own it.  See what sparks.

Cheers to Joy! Tara   

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sacred ambition + why perfection is highly overrated


planning, plotting and the repetition of our daily lives - executing to do’s, managing time, organizing, multi-tasking to precision… Perfection = Soul Suck x2

ahhh perfection… however subjective :: it can be mind numbing.

ideas killed, imagination is shelved, dreams are round filed:  road block to creativity, stops you dead in your tracks.

           Sacred Ambition is lost. 

           Sacred Ambition :: our inherent blueprint, our north star, innate gifts to the world, that driving force.

the stuff that moves mountains:  makes us unstoppable, unimaginably unforgettable, liberates, inspires and changes lives.

got a dream?


Find your voice + your purpose, build your platform, take a stand

       Last Saturday, I received a generous gift from a reader who I’ve never met.  She shared with me a story about her son.  Turns out my Sacred Ambition; aka: www.SeeNoColor.com was worth taking the leap away from perfectionism + having the chops to do this.

Please Read What Follows... This is for you Barbara.  I hope this, in some small way honors your son and brings you the peace you deserve. 

      I just ordered 5 tee shirts a few days ago because I was so connected to and touched by your personal story. My son, who is black, was home for a visit several years ago - on leave while serving in the US Army in Germany. He went down to the local 7-11 and purchased a pack of cigarettes, which he paid for with a fifty-dollar bill. The clerk engaged him in small talk for a few minutes and as he left the store, he was surrounded by police cars. Officers jumped out of the cars, guns drawn and told him to spread eagle on the police car while they searched him. Did I mention that one officer held a gun to his head the entire time? After they "cleared" him of any wrongdoing, the only explanation he got for almost being executed was that he "resembled" a description of a person who was a robbery suspect and had paid for his cigarettes with a large bill. No apology. Nothing. Our son left the scene forever changed. He chose to stay - to live and work - in Germany where he has never once been subjected to the type of racial profiling that came close to costing him his freedom or his life, had he not complied immediately with the officers' demands. His visit home was overshadowed by this incident, which fostered so much family anger and grief. While we are fortunate that our son's decision not to come home to live after his discharge from the army has created opportunities for our family to experience a part of the world and a culture that we may not have otherwise known, it has always saddened me from that day to this - that we could think of no effective way to voice our feelings of outrage about what happened to him that day. It saddens me that my son lives abroad because he feels like an alien in his own country. This gives us an opportunity to raise awareness. I know I will wear my shirt proudly and with so much feeling. Thank you for finding a way to turn your own terrible experience into something pro-active. I wish I could have done something like that. But I will do it now. Our family will wear our shirts and advocate in that way - and through any discussion that comes as a result for a more humane and peaceful, kind and loving world. I just wanted you to know how much your story touched me and how close I feel to your mission.

Sincerely, Barbara

                 find your SACRED AMBITION,

                 grandiose or just a blip, YOU are a CONDUIT, make a DIFFERENCE!

Much Love, Tara


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