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Nourishing yourself: What makes you feel Beautiful, Loved + Strong.


“Beauty is life when life unveils her holy face. But you are life and you are the veil.  Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror.” ~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

Do you know how beautiful you are?

Unwavering self worth is your cornerstone in life. Self-worth creates grounding and allows love to emanate through and around you.  It offers the experience of beauty through wholeness. An abundance of beauty provides a vantage point that enhances fluidity in your present and your future. Living in alignment creates harmonious aspects that allow you to individuate, connect with spirit and be in union with your core essence. 

Actions that can change the way we see ourselves:

* Adopt daily, positive affirmations that nourish your heart, mind and soul. 

* Design a concise mission/vision statement that encourages nurturing belief through visualization and self-actualization.

* Draw beauty through loving action: Infuse it in all you think, say and do.

* Self-valuation exponentially changes how the outside world responds to you, creating favorable opportunities.

* Reject chaos: Release what’s beyond your control. Recognize that discord not assigned to you undermines your spiritual progress and mightiness. 

* Create a healthy spiritual environment: Cocoon and shelter yourself in moments of uncertainty. Surround yourself with people that genuinely love and care for you.

* Be the gatekeeper of your conscious and subconscious mind: Perpetuate naturally occurring positive states of mind by “hanging out” between silence and thought; that’s where your beauty and strength lie.

To beauty, love + strength,


When you bring “It” to life, bring nothing short of your best.


“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”
– attributed to an unnamed Hopi elder
Hopi Nation

What qualities do you possess that allow you to shine?

Your being is your birthright; you have a backstage pass to excellence and self expression.

The time is now to define “the why” relative to your time here. No time for short cuts… it’s about showing up and bringing your best, it’s about finding flow and kicking ass. This is not my friend, a life to squander.

The promise in stepping out of the confines of “normalcy” and stepping into personal greatness is that life as you know it will never be the same. It’s your moral imperative to fulfill life to its deepest depth and learn self expression in a way that’s most reflective of your soul.  

Exploring the “Best” of Soul-Full living:

* What creates expansion and what causes you to shrink? Meditate on that. It’s all about ditching the shrinkage.

* Get your hustle on, make haste: access excellence through self-healing, self-love and envisioning a soulful existence.

* A call for greatness is a “calling” to define your life’s “anthem”. Create a personal vision/mission statement. Bring it to fruition in all its glory, say it loud and proud!

* Eliminate obligation that lacks clarity, soul + substance. If it doesn’t resonate, it will not marinate. Scrap outdated contracts with yourself that block your success.

* Resolve to solve – Find the answer: Dig, Delve, then Dip - “aka”, leave it + move on.

* We are a continuum of one another. The choices you make impact those around you; so choose your thoughts and goals with great care. 

* What we fail to complete short changes the larger scope of our essence and potentiality. Do what you say you’re going to do, fulfill your commitments - there is a lesson after each and every one of them.

The end result: You’ll bear witness to inherent magnificence in full bloom.

Watch this amazing performance: The Kennedy Center Honors featuring the Wilson sisters and a stage of supporting artists, bringing their best to honor Led Zeppelin.

God shows up in the most unexpected places.....

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Setting intention through introspection, reflection and clarity.


Now more than ever, it’s the time to mindfully shift into more of who we are; a core consciousness made and created through clear intention. In this immense era of the feminine, it's a time to be attuned and "show up" in this lifetime.  

Taking first steps toward the redefining of the “you” and the “I” at a Soul level is required for actionable evolution. Only through believing in and accepting of who we are first and foremost, will allow for the universal change that’s sorely needed at this moment.

It begins by living a sentient, less insular life that is reflective of our hearts. This will incrementally not only mend, but restore our faith in ourselves and in humanity.

Every so often we get a glimpse at impermanence, a snapshot of what was or will never be. That’s the incomprehensible paradox of life; the breaking down of the old and antiquated, making way for birthing the new. It’s how we become more of ourselves- that profound catalyst, the glue that binds us.

Wishing You Blessings and Love Always. ~ Tara

Chasing The Dreamcatcher :: 2013 + Beyond - Navigating Your Course.


: Harnessing the power of dreams.

In native culture, the web of a dreamcatcher is believed to harness and allow good dreams to filter through to the individual.

Sleep is a portal to our dreams, a departure from existential life. Prophetic dreams are considered to be the unconscious mind piecing together information that is overlooked throughout consciousness. For those who utilize dreams, this can be a prolific gateway to delve into our future selves.

Where the conscious mind is occupied with mindless chatter and at times doubt, the unequivocal knowing mind is palpably intuitive in a dream state. Accessing the higher mind through our dreams takes repetition and memory, much like building muscle. Learning to transmute their messages in a profoundly meaningful way can reveal our ultimate purpose - lending a sense of peace and direction in career, relationships, your calling.

Symbolic dreams are a potent reflection and release of our inner most world; a synergist to living a balanced four dimensional life of the spiritual, mental, physical and social/emotional; an exaltation of hopes, desires and a soulful existence is a direct reflection of what lies within us and for what is entirely possible.

A great book :: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

* Keep a notepad and pen next to your bed. Write down what you can remember as dreams arise or as thoughts come throughout the day. Remember, they are not necessarily literal.  Reflect upon what they mean to you.

This holiday forward I wish you peace, joy and abundance. I am eternally grateful for your support!

From this moment forward: Everything is waiting for you.


Love :: Faith :: Miracles

Through life there is belief that when things aren’t going our way, the odds may possibly be stacked against us. In these times, situations may evoke past disappointment from the perspective of lack or want. Like an overflowing chalice sitting idly at the alter; just at the time your decision is to receive, its bone dry.

Those blessed with audacious faith in life have a common vision: self valuation (love), impermeable belief (faith) and perseverance (heart). 

Faith is a sentinel that stands watch and shelters the heart center to keep the belief light burning bright.

Life, like mountains, can be tough as hell to ascend, but once you make it the top it feels like a walk in the park.

A reflection from me to you

The world needs what you have to offer. 

We are all significant; deserving in this lifetime to receive and have love radiate all around us. Believe. Open yourself to possibility, to Spirit. Miracles abound everywhere. They will happen to you, they’re happening right now. 

Manifesting your vision: Drawing wisdom through reflection.


A simple exercise of self-exploration.

I’m a big proponent of journaling as a path toward self-visualization + actualization. When your thoughts and ideas are clear, there's a crystallization toward the vision and course that is meant for you.

As you read the following statements and questions, my wish is that you really receive and discern what’s revealed to you. 

Grab a journal or piece of paper, answer these questions as you read along. The questions have an asterisk next to them.

Right now, you are exactly who and where you need to be, you are perfect.

* Write down positive statements that describe what you know to be your most brilliant, inherent gifts. 

Do you know how powerful you are? Really, really think about this concept. 

* What are the gifts that make you feel powerful, allow you to shine and are uniquely yours?

Understand and really believe that you are so much more.

* What aspirations and recurring themes present themselves… what’s on your must do “bucket list”? 

The you that you’re known for is merely a fraction of who you really are. If you truly desire more, there’s abundance waiting for you. Eradicate limiting beliefs, by doing the work required for a whole life of wellness. 

* What old wounds are still present, that have yet to be addressed and may be holding you back? 

There is a synchronistic flow to life; know that what you crave on a soul level is presented in its time. Learn to chart and navigate life, with awareness to what lies on the horizon. 

* Through reflection: the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional – what do you wish to project out into the world? What is your life’s worth?

Learn to live your life from the lens of abundance. Pay reverence to who you are by honoring your existence. Now is the time to draw upon what calls you in a radical, soulful way - a time for reinvention.

Potential meets Desire :: First, start here.


3 Questions To Ask Yourself:

:: How do you want to feel?

:: What do you dream of?

:: Which actionable, incremental steps can be taken right now toward attaining what your heart desires?

If you can successfully answer these three questions, you’re on your way to becoming a magnet for your desire.

To embrace and act upon the potentiality of desire is to fulfill this life’s destiny. Desire is the mechanism and ultimate expression of how you represent yourself and “show up” in this lifetime.

3 Steps To Achieving Your Desire:

:: Practice spiritual activism as a vehicle for faith building, make it part of your daily ritual. Join a community of inspired and supportive individuals that are on a collective journey – this will solidify interconnectedness.

:: Embrace resiliency to push past the “fear factor”.  Fear is the biggest obstacle on our pathway of desire – it is also a man-made trait; understand and know this at a core level.

:: Realize your relevance is part of a much “bigger picture”. By taking action, you'll not only cause a radical shift in your life; but create a positive "ripple effect" in the lives of others. 

Heart : Soul : Courage - Pass it on.

Thanksgiving ~ a poem.



Gorged with thanks
nourished by gratefulness
heart ~ bountiful, brimming, overflowing
a precipice of soaring blessedness
day surrenders to night’s dark
enveloping tranquility
lonesome is a stranger
swollen, adorned
graceful imperfection
conceived by morning’s bloom.

Your life : 24/7 : Your dream. Your moment.


Do you ever wish

You were one of “those people” who moved 

through life with no spark, no passion for 

more, blindly navigating, no pulse ….. absolutely flatline. 

Life would almost be easier, wouldn’t it?

But that’s not you.

Life would be simpler. You

wouldn’t wonder and 

angst over what could be.

But you desire more for yourself; for your life. 

You are one of the lucky ones. 

But lately life has felt a little bit cluttered,

as if there’s no room for you.

There is something more for you and it’s within reach: A hobby turned business, a life of wellness, spiritual growth, a zest for life.

A BIG life filled with passion, pride + peace.

You have the drive, you dream big - you just don’t know how to make it happen. 

   Let me show you how.

Top to bottom, inside and out - it’s your time to shine; to do what you’re called to do. 

Your life: 24/7: Your dream. Your moment.

Give or receive the gift of coaching: 206-851-9627 or for a free consultation. 

  We’ll make this happen.

The courage to be who you are: The art of being alive.


“Don’t ask what the world needs.
Ask what makes you come alive and go do it.
Because what the world needs is
people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman

Who am I? 

It’s a question we ask ourselves repeatedly throughout our life, while plodding along and good is just not, good enough anymore.

Doing what we’re good at, enables us to lay claim to inherent abilities that don’t necessarily guarantee sustained happiness or long term contentment.

Our actions can be driven by patterns we’re conditioned to. A “go to” place that evokes safety and comfort; behavior we’ve repeated habitually in many lifetimes.  

Creating financial security and the manner in which we do so, is a mechanism of survival.  Survival is a necessity – as humans we are survivalists. If we were mindfully able to actualize the way in which we receive and perceive what our true passion is by realizing our destiny as it was meant to be what would that look like? 

The answer, success on all levels. The Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental.

To favor a relentless unapologetic commitment to joy and happiness aka: (our soul’s purpose), is the mechanism in which we allow faith to supersede  allowing us to receive exactly what this life holds for us - changing our trajectory and mindset from the unknown and undeserving to worthy, forever

Be clear: Habitual changes and shift of mindset do not happen overnight. The key is uncompromising belief and faith in regard to how you wish to live your life. There comes a time when it best serves us to step away from ourselves by learning to trust instinct and let faith be the driver that transports us to our soul level:  24/7: This is your life.

So what can you do? Start here.

Change that sticks is slow, deliberate and incremental. Learn to settle into its timing, be present + go with the flow. Take at least one actionable step every day.  After one week, one month or one year, you will see measureable outcome toward what it is you desire; be it career, relationships or wellness.

Create your own personal declaration: say it, think it, live it, every day. 

Step off the grid of unhealthy behavior: Break ties with habits that no longer serve you – this includes taking a personal inventory of people in your life and how they impact you.

Live a life void of ego. If you live, work, think, are in a place or space where ego and control resides, the result will be spiritual suffocation. 

Self imposed procrastination can be your friend - call it an intuitive “time out”.  If that voice inside tells you to step back, listen.  Know the universe will support this.

Embrace your abundance of affluence, grace and grit. Be a courageous, bold pioneer; open up space not only for yourself, but for others. 

Be who you are; not the peripheral or what you think your societal role is. Break ties with the external by connecting inward to your heart; where your truth is sheltered.

Be a warrior, be transparent and know what it’s like to feel raw and alive.  

Choose a life that you’ll cherish, live in a way that allows you to shine. 


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