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Thinking outside your circle :: The practice of inclusion.


Are you unknowingly occlusive? 

Do you feel at times outside the circle, or on the outskirts of inclusion? 

To live within the circle is to know the spiral of unending connectivity that is available to you; that sense of completion that equates to what home, family and belonging really means. 

Inclusion as an art form invites love and rootedness; it serves as a chariot and conductor to the heart. 

What are you doing in your daily life to invite inclusion?

It takes at the very least, knowing your tribe to solidify what’s described here - think circle as in, continuum.  It’s open, inviting, and non-discriminatory; in essence a revolving door that to function, must be reciprocal. Inclusion evokes the feeling of personal value and instigates the act of generosity.

It’s about stepping outside of our personal comfort zone at times and stretching the heart and soul.

Inclusion most of the time is not about convenience; but translates quietly as “welcome my heart is open, to enter, yours must be too”.

The result of inclusion: You are not alone.

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visioning a life of wellness ::


If a man carefully examines his thoughts he will be surprised to find how much he lives in the future. His well being is always ahead. Such a creature is probably immortal.  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Never Give Up! ~ Diana Nyad, endurance swimmer.

Why it’s never too late. 

Your path to bottom up, inside out wellness is necessary for longevity and increase in good health.  Research shows that it’s the small but positive, incremental changes and habits formed that aid in overall sustainability. The key is to do what you can, by releasing rigidity and expectation. No one thing works forever. As we change, our physical and mental well-being does as well. It’s important to acknowledge that we must stand the test of time, while feeling our most optimum. This takes nothing less than focus, lasting commitment and is all within your reach.

Here is a check list in no particular order:

* Allow time to sleep and nap - Interrupted nighttime sleep can lead to increased appetite and ultimate weight gain, especially around the abdomen. Whenever possible, try napping between the hours of 1 and 4 - anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes tops. You’ll be happier and will function more efficiently.

* Participate in individual or group meditation and think positively.  Meditation and prayer reduces stress – the culprit for spikes in cortisol (the fight or flight hormone) and cause for increased blood sugar and weight gain. Your body is truly your temple.

* Physical activity rules!  Move it - always and anyway you can!  Breathe in life force!

* Keep your favorite friends and family close - nothing is more grounding than a support system. If you don't have one, build one!

* Laugh and laugh often - happiness is a state of mind.

* Increase mental agility + creative well-being – Play an instrument, pursue artistic pastime or play games. The idea is to keep the mind pliable. 

* Healthy diet + supplements = healthy body. Simply make smart choices and moderate.

* When needed, broaden your network of health care providers and your approach to changes in your health. Research and ask around; see what works for other people that you trust.

* Research alternative healing modalities – Reiki, shiatsu massage, acupuncture and other forms of effective energy and body work are worth investigating for overall health and well-being.

There’s nothing to fear; it’s never too late to start.

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What it’s like to be relentlessly you.


re-creation, free will + initiative.

"The butterfly becomes only when it’s entirely ready" -Chinese Proverb

"It takes courage to push yourself to places that you have never been before… to test your limits… to break through barriers. And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" -Anais Nin 

Two years ago I received a ukulele for my birthday. The idea was inspired while attending my family reunion on Oahu, July 2011. I returned ready to learn to play an instrument that would allow me to further connect to my roots and heritage. The goal (yes, I’m a goal oriented person) was to competently play alongside my family by next reunion time.

So on that birthday when my husband presented me with a gift, I knew exactly what it was by its shape, I got a sick and sinking feeling as in, “this is just one more thing I’m going to half-ass in my life”.  Please understand I was extremely grateful and really touched, but I’ve been known to have too many balls in the air. I’d also made a recent decision to narrow my scope of interest to three things at a time, more about mastering quality not quantity.

Fast forward to last week, I exercised my right to free will, that ukulele had been calling to me.

I was in a space of desiring art-based pastimes outside of the gym or yoga studio that would center me, offer encouragement and not be so goal oriented; more joy for joy’s sake, not built so much on expectation.  I searched for a reputable teacher and took my first lesson.

Last Sunday I learned six chords and actually played the ukulele – that was not the goal, it just happened. 

We are capable of creating creation and love all the time. Activate that for yourself. What is it that you can create?  Focus on love and creation, start there. 

Actively participating in your life is a choice, free will doesn’t mean free ride. Free will is about the responsibility of making our heart centered dreams a reality. Like playing an instrument, life is about mastering one chord at a time…..

Creation comes outward through spirit, thought and love from within and relentless belief in yourself.

We want to hear about your brilliance.


“Behold the beauty of the lotus jewel flower within - behold the beauty of life.”

Getting “right” with our gifts is a true way of honoring ourselves. Being fully present and in union with self is a form of personal devotion.

Our gifts brought to this life offer us license to shine, developing oneself from the ground up sets that stage. The act of “dimming down” to accommodate those around us and their feelings of inadequacy is not only doing a disservice to ourselves, but to them.

This life is not ours to squander.  

With your life, all things are possible. Take a moment to reflect on these questions: 


* What makes you brilliant?

* What differentiates you from the crowd? 

* What do you desire most in terms of personal fulfillment and happiness? 

* How will your desire benefit not only yourself, but others?

* Describe how accomplishing your desire(s) will allow you to feel? 

* How can you repurpose your fear, and make it work for you? 

* Identify past fear or feelings of inadequacy that have stopped you in your tracks and “muscle” through them: make special note of your experience and how it feels to be on the other side.   



Are you ready to take center stage in your life?


Lean toward softness ::


 Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” ~ Mother Theresa

In mind, actions and words lean toward softness - there’s strength in its reception.

Lean into tranquility and tenderness - the comfort of its stillness.

Expose the veneer of challenging obstacles and the façade of virility as muscle; let it show itself for what it is. 

Boldly show yourself for who you are, a pristine beam of light.

Get to your truth; capture that space, echo that, be that space, hold that and hang in that space. 

Truth = Transcendence.  Groove on that.

What it feels like to be free + live in peace ::


“For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.” ~ Nelson Mandela

Is your life experience unencumbered, relentless spiritual freedom?                            

Do you bask in peaceful solidarity?

To live peacefully in body, mind and spirit is a conscious choice; the freedom from bondage offers unrestricted flow in life.

- Is your career your calling?                                                                         

- Is your physical and mental wellness your priority?                                    

- Can you identify those areas of life where you are restricted?

More importantly, do you know where to start?

Pathways to existing freely and peacefully are access points en route to personal liberation. 

En route to Nirvana… in a manner of speaking.

To release shackles that inhibit our brilliance is the first step toward spiritual liberation.  The time is now for our soul’s to regenerate - a time to peel back layer upon layer of antiquated, habitual beliefs that keep us bound.  Your core essence, what you value inherently within and outside of yourself, will only stand the test of time…..

Will you stand for yourself?

Thoughtful, incremental changes are portals to monumental freedom and a life of peace. Our choices are inherent; they emanate and manifest without question from your heart and soul-filled intuition.

“Whether you know it or not, whether you are aware of it or not, your life is a trust. Every faculty that you have, all the training that you receive, is a trust granted to you so that you may give to the world, which stands badly in need of your contribution. Don’t go by what the media say. We are in a very, very difficult situation all over the world, and it’s not enough to talk about peace; you have to live in peace, and you have to help others live in peace too.”  -Eknath Easwaran

You just never know - why assumption is never a good idea.


Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr.


There are lessons learned through the act of assumption and judging others based on appearance: race, skin color, age, body type, sexual orientation, language or disability.  No one knows the state of someone’s being - the sadness or isolation a person may feel when they seemingly have it all together, or on the flip side - are being viewed less than palatable or on the “outskirts” of societal “norm”.

Assumption, presumption and prejudice lives within and around us and is worth exploring, but only if we’re being brutally honest with ourselves. Our deepest innate feelings have residual, lasting effects and may be worth releasing so healing on a monumental, spiritual level may begin.

Hate and fear co-exist, they lend each other oxygen; one cannot live without the other.  As a society, it’s up to us to dispel how we manage our innate beliefs and how we can become change makers in our time, creating positive, permanent movement.  Let’s begin within ourselves…by exploring our own self-worth and self-value.

Presumption allows us to formulate inaccurate profiles and stories. We hang our hats on these beliefs and pass them down generationally - they become viscerally a part of us, a part of our DNA.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to teach our children to value themselves by first modeling our own self-love and boldly but respectfully, teaching them to find and use their own voices. To stand for them, by allowing the grace and security of knowing we have their backs, while enabling them to bloom on their own, exist self-sustainably, anchoring them throughout their lives.

Let’s level the playing field, by creating more love for ourselves so that we may bridge love to others and manifest the world we truly dream of. 

The power of prayer + meditation ::


Accessing what’s available to you 24/7.

At what frequency do we rely on the power of prayer and meditation? Do we have to suffer through tragedy or circumstance that brings us to our knees to better understand the connection readily available to us? 

Often times, we shoulder everyone else’s stuff and make it our own. So much so, we let down the emotional armor needed to protect ourselves. Discourse impedes our body's delicate physical and emotional balance keeping us from living more harmoniously. 

We have direct access to the Divine, Spirit, Source; if prayer is talking to God, then meditation is listening to God.

How connected are you?

If we adopt prayer and meditation as our daily practice, then peace and fulfillment become as second nature as breathing.  Imagine what we’d gain with access to it.  Inspiration would flood in, joy would be limitless. Life would be a much more peaceful and fulfilled existence, with so much more to offer ourselves and others.

Ask yourself in reflection:

* What can I let go of that is obstructing me from clarity and peace?

* Where can I go to recharge, be in communion with stillness and receive divine wisdom?

* Who do I surround myself with, that enables me to be my most centered?

By adopting small but measurable changes, you’ll reinforce that which has always been available to you. Below here are two resources that are powerful and can send you on your path.

Take the FREE 21 day meditation challenge hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey begining August 5th


Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsch.


Your happiness is worth the risk.


Remembering you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.        ~ Steve Jobs.

Our life’s evolution is comprised of three acts: 

Act one: What we’re told 

Act two: What we believe and what we need to let go of.

Act Three: What we know. 

A short Q + A:

Are you excited for life’s possibilities? 

Are you successfully pursuing your life’s goals and passions - do you know what they are?

Are you hopeful about the present and for your future?   

Do you find you lack a consistent spiritual practice?

Do you struggle with low self-image and self-worth?

Is your life full of healthy relationships?

Have you tried traditional or alternative counseling or therapy, only to find you have little improvement in your life?

Do you take healthy risk independently of others?


A renunciation of old ideas could be in order. Follow your inclinations, take a step forward.

Live life in that space that occupies you on a soul-full level, that allows spirit the traction needed to fly free from limiting beliefs and personal exile. Live within the potential for possibility.

Get lost (in a good way). Step off the grid of the known. Take the road less traveled and shed the familiar….recalibrate with me.

We’ll work/play for an hour, a day, a week, or month… Discover the real you. I'll help you find your Super Powers, in a matter of  speaking.

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Get to knowing for good!

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False beliefs: 7 things to know about love.


“Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

You have a broken heart. Life feels like a sad Carpenter’s song and quite frankly, you don’t know if you’ll ever be able to come up for air.

At these times we settle into beliefs and perspectives that are untruths (of sorts) pertaining to the “L” word. The operative word here is settling

False believe #1: Love is blind. Nope… it’s really not. We make choices that are simply based on past frame of reference or ideas that we were spoon fed. Reality is always staring back at us, if we really wish to see the truth. Learn to make decisions regarding matters of the heart from your gut and heart center (see 2nd and 4th chakras). It’s your life after all.

False belief #2: The grass is always greener on the other side. Sorry love, that’s a negatory on that one.  At one time or another, everyone has experienced loss, sadness, loneliness or all of the above. Somewhere as you read this, someone is suffering from a broken heart and may be far worse off than you. Step outside of yourself and send out universal light and love for healing. Take a staycation from your own worry and head space.

False belief #3: Your knight/princess in shining armor will show up and rescue you.  Um, actually… not gonna happen. Take Pretty Woman for example, perhaps one of the most moronic 90’s characters Julia Roberts ever played (of course I’ve seen the movie about 50+ times). If you’re waiting for someone to ride in on a horse, please don’t. I promise you there is a 99.999% chance he/she will not cruise up on a horse or in a Ferrari and whisk you away to the Ritz where you’ll live happily ever after.

False belief #4: He or She will complete you.  As much as I wish it was true…. hate to break it to you, no way in hell!  As convincing as Jerry McGuire aka (Tom Cruz) was, it’s up to you and you only to be your most complete package. You are not a diamond awaiting appraisal, know your own net worth. Think circle, as in wholeness + substance.

False belief #5: Money buys love, happiness + security. Check it: Do you know how many miserable and insecure so called “rich people” inhabit this earth? 

False belief #6: If only I met “Big Daddy Warbucks”, all my financial woes would disappear. This may be true in terms of finances, but consider this; you may be trading fiscal security for a whole other list of concessions that you never banked on.  Simple solution: Make your own damn $$$!

On karma as it relates to love:

False belief #7: Karma is universal payback. Karma is not about good and evil or universal retribution per se. There’s fundamental logic in that your thoughts and actions can direct the trajectory of your life course. As you move through life and love, stay mindful to the absence of ego and balance heart + soul. Keep kindness and goodness flowing through thought and action and everything will be solid.

There’s no such thing as being “lucky in love”. It takes a lot of focused intention and the desire to see it through. Believe that you are unequivocally lovable.

This week we’re featuring The Fifth Chakra. Visit the Soul Life Collective page here.


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